Terms and Conditions

Ticket Terms and Conditions

  1. To register for a seminar you must complete the required online registration information/form and payment.
  2. Once payment is received, you will be notified with a receipt.
  3. The organizer Communication Pro Oy Ab (Business ID:FI05151545) may change the Ticket Terms, conditions, rates and prices if we need to make changes because of the law or in the interests of the organizer.
  4. The organizer can cancel an event at any time if we can’t go ahead with the event due to costs or other significant reasons. If this happens we will reschedule the event and your ticket will be transferred or you can choose to have a refund.
  5. If you have not paid for your ticket you will not be given access to an event.
  6. Due to things beyond our control a speaker may need to withdraw from the program. This means the organizer cannot guarantee a particular speaker on the day but will try to replace the speaker in line with the topic
  7. By registering you agree that there may be photographs and video taken of you at the event and you consent to the photos or video being used for future publicity. The organizer will make sure all photos and videos are used in a way that respects and values people. If you don’t want your photo or video taken or used, you need to contact the organizer by emailing to info@communicationpro.com or phoning +358 9 6877 300.
  8. The organizer is covered by public liability insurance.
  9. By registering you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions

Ticket Prices and Rates

  1. Ticket prices will vary according to each event. Prices will be advertised on line.
  2. Ticket payment can be made on line (if you have trouble paying on line please contact our office by emailing info@communicationpro.com or phone +358 9 6877 300.
  3. An invoice can be issued until 7 days prior to the event and has to be payed 2 days prior to the event at the latest.
  4. Registration is only for the number of days indicated on the particular event. No “part” registration payment will be accepted e.g. for a one day seminar no 1⁄2 day registration payment will be accepted; for a two day conference registration no single day registration payment will be accepted.
  5. Some events offer an Early Bird rate and give a ticket discount for registering early. See event details for close of early bird rates (not all events have early bird rates)
  6. Final Registration refers to registrations and payment received by a final date.
  7. For refunds please see the event specific cancellation policy on our web site. You can transfer your ticket to one other person but you need to let the organizer know in writing if you would like to make a transfer.
  8. If payment is not received prior to the event entry will be declined.


The organizer Communication Pro Oy Ab (Business ID:FI05151545) needs the information on your registration form to register you for the event and other purposes that can be reasonably expected. Your information will be used to keep a record of your attendance, price paid, dietary and other requirements. By giving us your personal information you agree to the collection, storage, use of information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The organizer will protect the privacy of your personal information. The organizer uses Paytrail to make sure online payments are secure and confidential. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our web site.


Comments that may be made or found in the organizers web site, Member’s Lounge, books, events and other information are the opinions, views or the property of their individual authors. Therefore, the organizer cannot be held responsible for the comments and opinions of the authors/speakers