Matti Alalauri

Matti Alalauri

Tour Manager, Sales director & Partner at RockOn ,

Matti is one of the rockers who offers his audience piercing consultation on how to grow, streamline and rationalize their business with digital solutions. Matti is a decent rock rooster and we claim that there is nothing for which Matti would not come up with a solution. Exaggerate?

For a decade Matti has been a part of all processes in sales and have had a leading role in customer projects. Finding, contacting, and meeting customers, finding the problem, suggesting the solution and making the sale. Plus ensuring that the customer get’s what is needed to grow their business.

The Rockers’ playlist includes:
– product information management
– system integrations 
– digitalisation i.e. web shops and customer portals
– mobile development 
– IoT / Industrial Internet
– and other customized solutions for customer specific digital business.

RockOn create an unbeatable competitive advantage for our customers by building solutions that either free up more time, create an advanced user experience, or simply bring more money in.
As Finland’s best PIM experts, our strongest point of expertise is surely product information management. But on top of PIM, we also have the strong expertise in e-commerce, mobile solutions, and integrations.