Henrik Bergqvist

Henrik Bergqvist

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of Pickit ,

Henrik Bergqvist has been a part of several start-ups and is one of the founders of Pickit, an aggregated image bank and Microsoft Office partner. Henrik has been practicing his entrepreneurial skills since the beginning of 2000. He has a history of mixing the creative and rational sides when it comes to education and work. Henrik has worked with business development within several markets and countries around the world such as Russia, India, Japan, USA, Turkey etc. He is also the author of the book, Ten Truths about Business Development, published in 2011.

Pickit was started in 2013 and has offices in Seattle, USA, and Visby, Sweden. Saving the world from boring presentations, companies from brand chaos and you from going to jail.

Pickit is an all-in-one image service that lives inside Office 365, enabling organizations to store and share brand assets right inside Office, Teams and on the web. The award-winning add-in also gives employees unlimited access to over 1 million photos, clipart and slide designs; 100% legally compliant and free to use for anything.

We’re on a mission to help people create stunning presentations that get their message across and help them make a more significant impact at work. By turning PowerPoint into a powerful productivity and communication tool, the company is making people’s lives at work a little easier, one presentation at a time. Along the way, we’re also determined to fix the broken image market. Make Fair Photos the new norm; providing quality images at a low cost and still rewarding the photographers and illustrators for their work.