Improve Metadata Generation 100x with AI and Machine Learning

Alfredo Ramos

Senior Vice President at Clarifai


Improve Metadata Generation 100x with AI and Machine Learning

15:00 10 November

Deep learning and computer vision is helping enterprises organize and manage their unstructured image, video, text and audio assets. Using AI, metadata can be added to assets significantly faster and more accurately than humans would be able to do on their own. This enables companies to search and find assets faster and allows them to scale to any size.

In this workshop, learn how to integrate AI-automated metadata tagging to minimize manual processes and improve workforce productivity 100x. See how to design, train, build, deploy and scale high performance AI-powered applications. With a single AI platform, you can build and train custom AI models at scale and set up workflows to manage your metadata generation process. Learn how to:
– Define a data taxonomy and baseline metrics
– Jump start your project with pre-built models and search
– Automate data labeling
– Train and deploy your model
– Evaluate model performance
– Improve your model with active learning